NORTH CAROLINA: Public Banned From Viewing Police Cam Footage, Law Enforcement To Decide Who Sees It

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

Gov. Pat McCrory signed controversial legislation Monday regulating the release of recordings from police body and dashboard cameras. There were growing calls for McCrory to veto the legislation because it makes it difficult for the public – including people involved in a recorded police action – to see it. But the Republican governor said the law will strike a balance between improving public trust in the police and respecting the rights of officers.

McCrory signed the bill while surrounded by law enforcement officers from several departments and against the backdrop of fatal police shootings last week of black men by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana, along with the shooting deaths of five police officers by a black gunman in Dallas who was targeting white cops. These shootings or their aftermath were captured on the telephone cameras of witnesses.

The law allows people who are recorded, or their representatives, to see footage if law enforcement agencies agree. The police chief or sheriff would decide whether to grant access. McCrory did not take questions after he signed the bill.

(Tipped by JMG reader Larry)