RUMOR: Megyn Kelly Might Jump From Fox To CNN

An interesting piece in light of the demise of Roger Ailes, who reportedly also harassed Megyn Kelly. The Washington Post reports:

So what if Fox News’s Megyn Kelly was hanging out with CNN’s Don Lemon at 3 a.m., after Democratic National Convention coverage ended? People at rival networks are allowed to be friends, right? Right. But Kelly’s contract is up after the election, and she has publicly discussed the possibility of leaving Fox News.

Then throw in this little detail about Kelly’s visit to the CNN Grill, courtesy of Politico Playbook: “Kelly spoke with CNN chief Jeff Zucker, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, according to several tipsters.” Zucker is the key name here. Hanging out with fellow cable news stars such as Cooper and Lemon is one thing; chatting up the guy who does the hiring at CNN is another.