KENTUCKY: Anti-Gay Nutjob Sues Kim Davis And Gov. Matt Bevin For Refusing To Let Him Marry His Laptop

Remember the nutcase who sued Apple in 2013 because his MacBook didn’t block him from accessing the porn which ruined his marriage? And then in 2014 when he attempted to intervene in one of Florida’s same-sex marriage cases so that he could marry that porn-filled laptop? And then earlier this year when he sued the state of Texas, again for the right to marry his laptop? Well, he’s back in the news. From Lexington, Kentucky’s NBC affiliate:

A man is suing Kim Davis for not allowing him to marry an inanimate object. He is also suing Governor Matt Bevin and Andy Beshear.

According to the lawsuit, Chris Sevier says he was residing in Kentucky when his marriage request was denied because he was planning to marry a laptop computer.

The documents state that Sevier arrived at the County Clerk’s Office, which Kim Davis was in charge of, with a valid license, the marriage license fees and his laptop, yet according to the lawsuit, “he (Sevier) was denied this dignity interest and turned away because his marriage request was outside considered morally repugnant and less valid than a woman’s request to many a woman.”

Sevier is suing Governor Bevin because he is responsible for the execution of Kentucky’s laws including, “the laws that exclude individuals who want to marry an inanimate object or something other than a members of the same-sex or opposite sex a marriage license and including the laws that do not recognize a marriage ceremony that has taken place between a man and a machine,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asks Beshear to “make a stand for the truth in supporting or defending either the original legal definition of marriage or the definition that allows for total marriage.”

More from World Net Daily:

“This lawsuit is frivolous,” said Mat Staver, chief counsel of Liberty Counsel, which defended Davis’ religious rights against a series of complaints from “gay” duos as well as the actions of Judge David Bunning.

Sevier says he is trying to prove “same-sex marriage” has the same “legitimacy as a human marrying an inanimate object,” Liberty Counsel reported.

“There is obviously no right for a man to marry a machine,” Staver said. “When you make gender irrelevant to a gender-based relationship, you open Pandora’s box and make a mockery out of marriage.”