CLEVELAND: RNC Bans Squirt Guns Outside GOP Convention But Real Guns Are Allowed Under Ohio Law

From the New York Daily News:

That’s some watered-down logic. Protesters flooding the streets outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland won’t be allowed to come with Super Soakers — but they’ll be able to bring a loaded firearm.

Strict RNC rules call for a ban on soda cans, glass bottles, tennis balls, umbrellas with metal tips and “any projectile launcher” like BB guns, paintball guns and water guns in the 1.7-square-mile “event zone” surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena convention site, where 2,470 delegates will gather to officially name Donald Trump as the party’s nominee.

But pistol-packing protesters — as per Ohio’s lax open-carry laws — can freely carry in public areas, like parks, within the designated zones around the venue.

“That’s what we have to abide by — state law, open carry,” Dan Williams, a Cleveland city spokesman, told U.S. News and World Report.

Ohio is an open-carry state that has no ban on assault weapons, so long as they are legally obtained and don’t fire more than 31 cartridges without reloading, according to