UNITED NATIONS: Human Rights Council Votes 23-18 To Approve LGBT Rights Watchdog Position

Buzzfeed reports:

The United Nations Human Rights Council voted Thursday to create the institution’s first LGBT rights watchdog. The resolution passed in a vote of 23 to 18, with 6 abstentions. The person appointed to this role will be known as an “independent expert” and the position is charged with monitoring “violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” This was the most ambitious effort yet to advance LGBT rights within the United Nations system, and the resolution included the strongest language to date suggesting LGBT rights should be a concern of international human rights law.

The two previous resolutions concerning LGBT rights passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council merely called for the UN’s human rights office to prepare reports examining LGBT rights. But this and the few other mentions of sexual orientation or gender identity in other UN documents have been so modest that the UN Security Council made headlines by including a reference to sexual orientation in a press statement condemning the attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida — even though the document was not a formal resolution, it was notable that the UN’s most powerful committee had mentioned sexual orientation in any kind of declaration.

Earlier this week the anti-LGBT Family Watch International issued a frantic warning:

While we condemn violence against people based on sex or any other physical or mental characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity, this resolution goes way beyond seeking to end violence and unjust discrimination. The main objective of the resolution is to appoint a global LGBT “Czar” who will investigate alleged rights violations by governments and individuals against LGBT people.

Everyone knows that this is intended to be a tool to try to force such things as same-sex marriage, cross-gender bathroom use, LGBT “rights” indoctrination education, and much more upon countries around the world in the name of preventing discrimination and violence.

This so-called “independent expert” or “Special Rapporteur” as they are often called at the UN would be given the mandate to collect reports and complaints from sexual rights activist groups and LGBT individuals worldwide and would then use these complaints, along with the full arsenal of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to pressure governments to overturn their laws protecting marriage, family, and religious and cultural values.