Pat McCrory: I’m Not Budging On Anti-LGBT Hate Law

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Gov. Pat McCrory said he will continue to fight for a “respect for privacy” in the face of a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit over the state’s controversial “bathroom bill.” McCrory was speaking at North Carolinians for Home Education’s annual conference, being held this week at the Benton Convention Center.

McCrory praised the several hundred families in the crowd for their choice to home school their children. He said it’s important for families to have choices about educating their children and for leaders to respect all of those choices.

McCrory launched into a defense of his administration’s handling of the law known as House Bill 2. “One other advantage of home schooling is you aren’t going to have the president, the attorney general or the mayor of Charlotte telling you what bathroom (to use),” he said, to a standing ovation.

McCrory said he would support unisex bathrooms for transgender students, saying that we should give kids with “special needs and unique needs” an option. “But don’t change the norms that have been working for generations,” he said.

McCrory went on to again blame the controversy on Democrats.