No Early Release For Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott

Earlier this month convicted gay-basher Kathryn Knott petitioned for early release from prison because she’s been such a good girl while behind bars. That’s not gonna happen. Philadelphia Gay News reports:

Knott’s attorney, Bill Brennan, told PGN he submitted to the court attestations from Riverside Correctional Facility, where Knott has been housed since her Feb. 8 sentencing, that she has been an “exemplary inmate.”

“She’s had no write-ups, which you can get if you’re in a fight, or insolent or insubordinate or don’t follow directions,” Brennan said. “She’s been performing her duties — cleaning toilets — and has been a model inmate. Inmates are given this reward, if you will, where the minimum sentence is slightly reduced and they have the opportunity to be released slightly early with ‘earned time, good time.'”

Common Pleas Court Judge Roxanne Covington, who oversaw Knott’s December trial, denied the request without comment.

Once released Knott must spend two years on probation. During that time she will be barred from Center City, Philadelphia’s busiest gayborhood. And of course there’s that civil lawsuit filed by her victims.