NEW YORK CITY: Court Hears Harlem Hate Church’s Bankruptcy Case, Proceedings Likely To Drag On

Just in from Ali Forney Center founder Carl Siciliano:

The ATLAH hearing happened this morning. ATLAH’s attorneys argued they should have the opportunity to make their case that ATLAH should be exempt from their water bills. The Dept of Environmental Protection, and the lien holder argued ATLAH should not have that opportunity in light of past judgements and rulings. Now we have to wait for the judge’s decision whether or not to allow ATLAH to make their argument. Unfortunately this is likely to be tied up in court for months to come. (And words fail to describe how creepy it felt to be sitting 10 feet from Rev. Manning for two hours!)

For those unaware, Ali Forney has raised over $330K towards a down payment on buying ATLAH’s building. A huge chunk of that dough came from JMG readers, which makes me so fucking proud my heart just might explode.ATLAHbuilding