NEW YORK CITY: Child Abuse Survivors March Across Brooklyn Bridge In Support Of Reform Bill

Yesterday openly gay New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman (white shirt) led a march across the Brooklyn Bridge in support of his bill to reform the statute of limitations on child abuse. From the New York Daily News:

More than 200 advocates for reform of the state’s statute of limitations on claims of child sexual abuse marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday, proudly proclaiming they were part of a new civil rights movement defending children.

The rain let up as the diverse group of marchers — including Matt Sandusky, stepson of notorious Penn State pervert Jerry Sandusky, and Phil Saviano, who was portrayed in the movie “Spotlight” — departed from Cadman Plaza in downtown Brooklyn.

“It is time to lift the shades, open the window and let justice and the protection of children shine through,” said Kathryn Robb, an abuse survivor and advocate.

Participants came from as far away as Ohio and Florida. Others hailed from Pennsylvania and New Jersey — where advocates are waging similar fights to reform those states’ statutes of limitations on child sex abuse claims.

The reforms are fiercely opposed by the Catholic Church, which over the last decade has spent over $2M lobbying against earlier attempts.