Log Cabin Member Op-Ed: Why I’m Voting Trump

Log Cabin Republicans member Juan Hernandez today recounts being attacked at a recent Trump rally in an op-ed for the Washington Post. You may recall that he characterized the attackers as “criminals (otherwise known as Democrats).” According to Hernandez, the attack has only deepened his support for Donald Trump. He writes:

Here in Northern California, I feel like I’m a unicorn: I’m a gay Hispanic who’s a Republican. It was much harder to come out as a Trump supporter than it was to come out as gay — the minute you say you’re for Trump, everyone comes at you — but this has pushed me out of the closet about it completely. I should be able to vote for whom I want, and I shouldn’t have to deal with violence to go hear my candidate speak. If people really want to protest at rallies, they should do it peacefully. I have a young niece and nephew, and I don’t want them to think this is how politics work in the United States. We can’t let our freedom of speech and our freedom of assembly be tarnished by politicians like those in San Jose who do not have our safety at heart.

One has to wonder how Hernandez feels about Trump’s vow stack the Supreme Court with anti-LGBT justices. I’m betting he doesn’t care.