Hillary Marches In NYC Pride Parade And Delivers Video Message On Orlando At The Pier Dance [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton made a unannounced appearance yesterday afternoon at NYC Pride, marching about four blocks with Gov. Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio. From the New York Times:

It is difficult to surprise at New York City’s pride parade — that pulsing kaleidoscope of pink unicorn horns and rainbow undergarments, bejeweled miniature dogs and glitter-specked revelers who seemed to have misplaced their shoes.

But around 1:45 p.m. Sunday, beneath a virtually cloudless sky, something was afoot on Christopher Street.

Lights flashed. Officers stirred. Sirens pierced the Cher soundtrack wafting over Greenwich Village.

Soon, a van door opened.

“Hillaryyyyyyyyy!” someone hollered from the sidewalk. And so began a very low-speed chase along the city’s foremost corridor of gay rights.

For four blocks or so — beginning steps from the Stonewall Inn, the nexus of the modern gay rights movement — Hillary Clinton led a mayor, a governor, a phalanx of aides, a crush of reporters and several beleaguered security personnel on a 15-minute stroll.

Later in the evening Hillary delivered a video message on the Pulse massacre via the gigantic jumbotrons at the Pier Dance.

Hillary introducing Ferggie #pridedance #equalityneedsyou #pride2016

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