ILLINOIS: Chicago-Area Gun Shop To Raffle Off AR-15 To Benefit Orlando Massacre Victims Shot By AR-15

From the Chicago Tribune:

A suburban gun shop is conducting a raffle to benefit victims of the Orlando shooting massacre — and the prize is an AR-15 rifle.

The semi-automatic weapon that Second Amendment Sports in McHenry plans to give away is similar to the gun used in the June 12 Orlando attack that killed 49 people and wounded dozens more in a gay nightclub.

A McHenry County woman who lost her son in another mass shooting where an AR-15 was used — the 2012 movie theater massacre in Colorado — called the shop’s raffle “offensive.”

But gun shop owners say their intent was not to offend or to make a political statement but to help the Orlando victims by raffling off one of the shop’s most popular products.

Whoever wins the raffle must fill out a federal form and have or get a firearm owner’s identification card, which can take a month or more, and wait 24 hours before receiving the rifle, Bert Irslinger Jr. said.

The proceeds will benefit OneOrlando Fund, which has been set up to benefit shooting victims and is run by a not-for-profit group, Strengthen Orlando Inc.

We seriously doubt the OneOrlando fund will accept their money.

VIDEO: The screen-shot above is from a YouTube tutorial on buying AR-15s. The clip has 1.4 million views.