Burger King Launches Mac & Cheetos Sticks

TIME Magazine reports:

Thanks to Burger King, we now have something called Mac n’ Cheetos in our world. It’s exactly what you think: basically a giant, crunchy Cheeto stuffed with oozy macaroni and cheese.

Also thanks to Burger King, we can say goodbye to our waistlines, because these look to be both ridiculously addictive-tasting and also crazily artery-clogging. Take your pick: satisfied taste buds, or health? Burger King may say we can have it our way, but these odds are stacked against us.

Early reviews suggest they taste a bit like the fried mac-and-cheese balls you can pick up at places like Trader Joe’s or Cheesecake Factory. But of course, these are Cheetos instead of just regular cheese and breadcrumbs.

$2.49 for a box of five.