ALABAMA: Roy Moore’s Hate Group Thinks Roy Moore Should Be Nominated To Replace Antonin Scalia

The Foundation For Moral Law, the anti-LGBT hate group now headed by the wife of suspended Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, thinks Moore would be an excellent choice for the open seat on the US Supreme Court. From the op-ed linked to by the FML on their Facebook page:

Once again, Judge Roy Moore has been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court because he continues to stand for the US and Alabama Constitutions and the principles our nation was founded upon proving that he is a man of conviction and will not sway from the laws and morals our nation was founded upon.

This is the kind of man we need on the US Supreme Court. In fact, I would be very tempted to support and vote for Judge Roy Moore if he decided to run for president. He is the type of leader that our nation so desperately needs. If I were president, Roy Moore would be my first nomination to the US Supreme Court. If I were chairman of the Republican National Committee, Roy Moore would be the man I would be pushing to run for the White House.

Yet another rally in support of Moore is scheduled for this weekend. A rally held last month was predicted to draw “many thousands” but fewer than 200 actually showed up. The Foundation For Moral Law advocates for replacing the federal government with a “biblically correct” Christian theocracy. (Tipped by JMG reader Mike)