US House Rep. Zoe Lofgren Calls Out Transphobic Witness: Lady, You Are An Ignorant Bigot [VIDEO]

This is what an ally looks like. From Talking Points Memo:

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) railed against a witness who testified against the Obama administration’s recent guidance for schools on how to accommodate transgender students.

Lofgren read aloud part of the testimony from Gail Heriot, a member of the United States Commission on Human Rights, according to a clip from the hearing highlighted by the Huffington Post.

“If I believe that I am a Russian princess, that doesn’t make me a Russian princess, even if my friends and acquaintances are willing to indulge my fantasy. Nor am I a Great Horned Owl just because — as I have been told — I happen to share some personality traits with those feathered creatures,” Heriot wrote in her testimony.

Heriot tried to jump in and defend her testimony, arguing that the administration’s guidance was “offensive.” But Lofgren quickly cut Heriot off.

“I think you’re a bigot, lady. I think you are an ignorant bigot,” the congresswoman said. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told Lofgren she was “out of order,” but Lofgren insisted on finishing her remarks.

“Mr. Chairman, it is my time, and I would just like to say that we allow witnesses to say offensive things, but I cannot allow that kind of bigotry to go into the record unchallenged,” she said.

WATCH the video.

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