UKRAINE: Neo-Nazis Predict “Bloodbath” At Kiev Pride

Pravda reports:

On June 12, the LGBT community of Ukraine is to hold of a gay parade in Kiev. The event will called “The March of Equality”. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) is ready to take part in the event as well. They have already pledged to brutally disperse all who come to the march, spokesperson for the Right Sector nationalist movement Artem Skoropadsky wrote on his Facebook page.

“Our colleagues from the OUN movement have released a strong statement about the gay parade in Kiev. In short, on June 12, there will be a bloodbath in Kiev. The organizers of the march still have time not to hold the march,” he wrote.

“Today, we are forced to accept LGBT marches and festivals, and thus join the ranks of sinners and those who cover them. Who is going to be equated on this Sabbath? Immoral freaks, clowns and degenerates will be equated with those who have honor and dignity, respect and love for their neighbor, soldiers who gave their lives and health protecting peace in the country?” a statement from the OUN said.

Last year hundreds of riot police battled with neo-Nazis and other far-right nationalist groups at Kiev Pride, resulting in dozens of arrests.

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