Trump Walks Back Muslim Ban: It’s Only A Suggestion

The Independent reports:

Donald Trump has softened his stance on the most controversial proposal of the 2016 election campaign, saying that his call to ban Muslims from entering the US was “just a suggestion.”

Speaking to Fox News radio, the real estate mogul who won more than 60 per cent of the Republican vote in New York in March, said: “It hasn’t been called for yet. Nobody’s done it. This is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on.”

The ban was only supposed to be temporary, he said in a separate television interview with Fox News. “I’d like to back off as soon as possible because, frankly, I’d like to see something happen,” he said. “We have to be vigilant. There is a radical Islamic terrorism problem that our president doesn’t even want to talk about.”

So far Breitbart has ignored this major flip-flop.