Perkins: LGBT Rights Are “Preferential Treatment”

And we get this lie again:

You have to hand it to the Left. They’re a persistent bunch. Even after state leaders repealed Charlotte’s bathroom ordinance, filed two lawsuits against the federal government, and stared down opposition from Big Business, the media, and entertainers, North Carolina Democrats are still trying to move their radical agenda forward. In a head-shaker, the state’s liberals have introduced the very legislation the governor and the rest of the General Assembly rejected. Calling it the “Equality for All Act,” Democrats claim that the “need for nondiscrimination protections for LGBT” is more urgent than ever. “This bill, along with the repeal of H.B. 2, is the important next step that this General Assembly and Governor McCrory must take in order to make North Carolina a true state of equality and help heal our national reputation.”

Unlike H.B. 2, which gave businesses the freedom to set their own policies, this measure would force them to adopt restroom policies as unsafe as Target’s. By adding the terms “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to the state’s statute, the LGBT community would also enjoy preferential treatment in “real estate transactions, housing practices, employment, places of public accommodation, credit lenders, insurance, and education.” And that’s not all. The Act would also create a “human relations” commission, which is just code for a government board that would crack down on anyone with natural views of marriage and sexuality under the guise of “promoting understanding, respect, and goodwill for all citizens.” Fortunately for everyone, the proposal has almost zero chance of passing through a legislature that, less than six weeks ago, laid everything on the line to protect North Carolina’s freedom and privacy.