NY Daily News: Trump Has Killed The GOP

From their story:

On his television show, Trump sent the losers down in an elevator. Since last June, since he came down that escalator at Trump Tower and announced he was going to run for President, what he has done is closer to throwing an entire political party down an elevator shaft.

So this wasn’t just the end of the Cruz campaign in Indiana. It was the end of what people are still calling the Republican establishment, whatever that still means.

You know who the real low-energy losers have been in this whole thing? The ones who never saw Trump coming, then looked drunk when they finally tried to stop him.

Only Trump himself knows if he really thought he could pull this off. He says he did, that the only thing that surprised him, as he said to me months ago, was “how quickly it happened.” No one will ever know if he could have gotten to where he is without the low blows.

But the reason he thinks he can beat Hillary Clinton is because he just put an entire political party out of business. Republican Party. Just put an “i” in the middle. So the initials read this way: R.I.P.