NOM Money Begs On House LGBT Battle

Just in from hate group leader Brian Brown:

In the latest betrayal by Republicans who campaign as conservatives but vote with LGBT extremists, 43 GOP members of the House of Representatives have voted to cement Barack Obama’s insane transgender “discrimination” policies in law, prohibiting any entity from contracting with the federal government unless they endorse the administration’s radical gender-bending agenda.

Let’s get this straight: these 43 Republicans have voted to protect the right of men who claim a female “identity” to use the women’s restroom and showers, sacrificing the privacy and security of actual women in the process; meanwhile, they still have not scheduled a vote on critical legislation (the First Amendment Defense Act) to protect the right of Christians and other people of faith to uphold the truth of marriage and human sexuality without fear of government persecution!

As far as I am concerned, these 43 Republicans should be taken to the woodshed by their constituents. If this vote is an example of what it means to have Republican control of Congress, what’s the point? A Congress led by Nancy Pelosi would have voted the same way — supporting President Obama’s illegal order and discriminating against people of faith. But at least Pelosi doesn’t pretend that she is a conservative.

You can see a list of the 43 Republicans who betrayed us here. I am mad as I can be about this betrayal, and I want the constituents of each of these gutless Republicans to know what their representative has done. To do so, we’re planning an intense, targeted online advertising campaign to educate the constituents of these 43 Republican members of Congress about their representative’s vote.

Will you help us hold these turncoats accountable? Please make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $500 or more so that we can take our fight directly to the constituents of the 43 who betrayed us. Launching an intensive online ad program like this is expensive, and we are depending on you to step forward to help with a generous financial contribution.

Nowhere in Brown’s email does he mention that the bill ultimately failed largely due to Democratic opposition to poison pill amendments inserted by Republicans.