Monster Energy Drink Vs Fred Schneider

From the New York Post:

Monster Energy is in its own “Private Idaho.” Fred Schneider, lead singer of The B-52’s, and a small Florida coffee company find themselves between a rock lobster and a hard place after the makers of the sugary energy drink accused them of infringing their “Monster” trademark.

Monster believes its brand is as good as legal tender and feels customers will confuse the coffee blend with its drink. Not wanting to roam from their established brand, called Fred Schneider’s Monster Blend, Schneider and Orlando-based Breyting Coffee & Tea are fighting back.

Breyting doesn’t think the April 15 cease-and-desist letter from Monster’s lawyers is good stuff. In fact, it’s dubious at best, said Eve J. Brown, Breyting’s lawyer.

Monster Blend takes its name from Schneider’s 1983 solo hit, Monster. The video, which was banned by MTV, features Keith Haring and late drag star Ethyl Eichelberger. Schneider’s attorney says Monster Energy Drink has a history of “trademark bullying.”