House Dems To Try Again On LGBT Measure

The Hill reports:

House Democrats will try again this week to pass legislation promoting equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people after being thwarted in a dramatic vote last week.

The office of Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who sponsored the anti-discrimination provision, confirmed Tuesday that the New York Democrat will offer his amendment again as part of this week’s debate on an energy and water appropriations bill.

The issue sparked chaos on the House floor last week amid debate over military construction spending when GOP leaders held open the vote and twisted Republicans’ arms to sink Maloney’s amendment after it had secured enough support to pass.

Democrats howled, and Maloney charged Republicans with “a naked endorsement of discrimination.” It’s a message the party’s campaign operatives are already using on the election trail. And to keep the pressure up, especially on Republicans who switched their votes, Democrats will continue the push this week.

See my post from last week to view videos of the above-cited chaos.