Glenn Beck Launches 24-Hour Fast So God Understands That Ted Cruz Should Win Tomorrow’s Indiana Primary

“We all agree, America is at a cross roads. If we choose a King, he will give us one. He always does. But because we are the only nation since ancient Israel to have actually made a covenant with Him, it must be broken, I believe by all of us.

“I realize many will mock this theory, but in a way that will prove my point. We have become such an unholy people that he wants to see each of us, each state to choose – who will you serve? Principles, truth, kindness, and decency or those who deal in greed, hate, anger and fear.

“Tuesday Indiana is making its choice. All will be counted. It strikes me as an important ‘coincidence’ that the election will be held just a few days after the anniversary of the original covenant. I have asked for this in the past and was mocked. It is okay.

“I would like to ask that you, your family and friends join me for a day of prayers, fasting and humility. To beg the Lord to not remove His hand from us. To turn to Him and ask that He will heal our land. Beginning Monday night and running for 24 hours ending on Tuesday will you pray and if possible fast like you have never done before?

“Cry out to Him. Join me and my family in praying and fasting for our nation and our God to look down and forgive us of our misguided ways. Help us Lord to return to you and have the bravery to do the hard thing – to Trust in You and to do our part by standing firm in the eternal truths that Got us here in the first place.

“Let us renew our covenant with Him and as George Washington did and humbly seek his face, guidance and protection. Please help spread the word. ‪#‎Tuesdayfast‬.” – Glenn Beck, posting to his Facebook page.