Christian Activist Ted Shoebat: Execute Hillary Clinton For Witchcraft As Commanded In Leviticus [VIDEO]

“We need judges who uphold the death penalty for evildoers,” he said. “We need judges who would uphold the death penalty for those, not just murderers, obviously murderers deserve death, I think most people would agree with that. But you also have other people who deserve the death penalty, not necessarily murderers; people who are involved in witchcraft, who promote witchcraft. Witchcraft is very, very dangerous, very demonic and look how much destruction it has caused in the United States.

“Look at Hillary Clinton. That’s a witch that needs to be arrested and put to death. Most definitely. As the scriptures says, I believe in Leviticus, ‘Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.’ Homosexuals also need to be put to death, because it is evil, it is demonic and it is against human nature.” – Christian activist Ted Shoebat, star of Janet Porter’s anti-LGBT film, Light Wins.