BRAZIL: Two Million Attend Sao Paulo Pride [VIDEO]

Fox News Latino reports:

The Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade on Sunday celebrated two decades of the struggle for equal rights by Brazil’s homosexual community, this time including thousands of participants focused on urging Congress to speed up the debate on the Gender Identity Law.

The 20th edition of the parade, which attracted 2 million participants and started out on Paulista Ave. downtown, had “Gender Identity Law now! – Everyone together against trans-phobia” as its slogan.

The bill, which is stuck in the legislature, seeks to benefit transsexuals on issues such as name changes in civil registries and public documents, health care assistance and for the authorities to take measures against the growing number of crimes committed against this group.

Over the past eight years, Brazil has registered the violent deaths of 802 transsexuals and is far out in front worldwide for murders of that kind, according to figures compiled by the non-governmental organization Transgender Europe, with Mexico in second place with 229 such killings.

That’s director Lana Wachowski and the cast of Sense8 filming in the second clip.