Banana Man Ray Comfort: DC Police Won’t Let Me Give Out Gift Cards At Massive Rally For Atheism

Nutjob creationist and anti-LGBT activist Ray Comfort, best known for his claim that the shape of a banana is proof of God’s existence, is telling World Net Daily that Washington DC police won’t left him give out $25,000 worth of Subway gift cards at next weekend’s Reason Rally. From their story:

Police forced him to cancel, he explained to WND, because of the size of his contingency. More than 1,000 Christians had volunteered to help hand out the gifts to atheists who will be attending this year’s Reason Rally on the National Mall in Washington on June 4.

Comfort, whose programs, books, movies and outreaches are online at the Living Waters site, said there will be an estimated 20,000 atheists meeting at one end of the National Mall, and he is planning to film open-air preaching for his TV program, “The Way of the Master,” the same day near the Washington Monument.

So he proposed giving away 5,000 copies of his new book about atheism, along with Subway gift cards totaling $25,000, as a gesture of Christian love. The book is called “Fat Chance: Why Pigs Will Fly Before America Has an Atheist President.” It’s a direct counter to one of key objectives of the Reason Rally.

But he said the huge number of people who volunteered to join him apparently caused concern among Washington police.

“To the D.C. police,” he said, “that constituted a protest and therefore we needed a permit to gather. We would have to stay at the other end of the National Mall, and they said that if we persisted to approach atheists to speak with them we would be arrested.”

Somehow WND has not yet deleted the comment below.comfortquoteLast year infamous Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein sent taunting cakes to ten LGBT groups. Including in their “love gifts” were copies of Comfort’s just-released viciously anti-LGBT movie, Audacity. So yeah, self-promoting publicity stunts are his thing.