ARIZONA: Anti-LGBT Preacher Assaulted With Baseball Bat During Protest At High School [VIDEO]

Phoenix television reports:

Glendale police have arrested a 19-year-old woman suspected of attacking a controversial street preacher with a baseball bat outside Apollo High School. Tabitha Renee Brubaker was taken into custody Thursday. She is facing an aggravated assault charge in connection with the April 26 incident. The sound of a metal bat striking a hard object was captured on cell phone video. “I was so distraught hearing that, and seeing that that’s being posted on my sister,” said Kayla Brubaker. “My sister, she’s not that type of person.” The victim, Dean Saxton, known as Brother Dean, was using a megaphone to preach his beliefs to kids at the school across the street.

The clip below was posted on May 5th. It’s not clear why an arrest has only just been made. The assault takes place around the 17:00 mark in the video.