Understanding Breitbart Homocon Milo Yiannopoulos

Vox today published an excellent profile of Breitbart in-house homocon Milo Yiannopolous. An excerpt:

Yiannopoulos’s whole brand of activist journalism is, by explicit design, aimed at breaking down taboos around offensive speech. He thinks it’s the only way to fight the leftist-PC stranglehold on our institutions.

But those taboos are there for a reason: We don’t want people explicitly advocating for the racial inferiority of black people, or the idea that women exist to serve men. Even most mainstream conservatives agree that people who hold these beliefs deserve to be shunned.

Yiannopoulos disagrees. He wants more offensive speech, not less; he sees it as the only antidote to authoritarian leftism. So he highlights these ideas and beliefs at every turn, and champions the people that hold them. This has the effect of making sexism and other anti-egalitarian beliefs more prominent, even if he doesn’t actually agree with these ideas and is just trying to be provocative. He’s mainstreaming bigotry.

That’s just a tiny sample as the piece is a bit of a longread. But it’s totally worth your time to understand how Milo has become an unlikely hero in Teabagistan, all while telling them incessantly of his obsessive lust for black men.