TRAILER: Independence Day: Resurgence

Rolling Stone recaps:

Aliens return to Earth to finish some unfinished civilization-erasing business in Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster film. After previous previews have teased the film’s 20-years-later plot and immense destruction, the latest trailer for the upcoming film provides some more background into what’s happened in the two decades since the aliens first attacked.

In the sequel, actress Maika Monroe plays the daughter of Bill Pullman’s former President Whitmore, while Liam Hemsworth plays her love interest and fellow pilot Jake Morrison. The trailer also devotes plenty of screen time to the aliens’ revised method of annihilation: Instead of beaming a pulverizing beam of light into densely populated areas, they utilize anti-gravity technology to literally uproot cities and then drop them into certain doom.

The original grossed $804M worldwide.