Todd Starnes: ESPN’s Radical Agenda Is Silencing People With Traditional American Values [VIDEO]

“Unless you conform to ESPN’s radical cultural agenda, you’re a narrow minded, judgmental, unloving, racist bigot – not worthy of death – just unworthy to be gainfully employed. But I suspect an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with Schilling’s perspective on transgender bathrooms. Many moms and dads sincerely do not want their young daughters sharing a bathroom or a locker room with boys or men.

“Will ESPN publicly advocate for professional sports to transform stadium bathrooms into gender-neutral facilities – to accommodate the cultural whims of every ze, zir and them? It’s a very unusual time to be an American, folks. We’ve reached a point where choosing a bathroom based on your God-given plumbing makes you a transphobic bigot. Traditional values just got double-flushed. Schilling has learned a very important lesson – free speech comes with a price. And those who dare defend traditional values — will be silenced.” – Todd Starnes, writing for Fox News.

In the clip below, the Fox host gets Starnes to agree that ESPN had the right to fire Schilling.