Target Boycott Petition Nears 500,000 Names

It hasn’t yet been a week and already nearly half a million have allegedly signed the American Family Association’s boycott petition against Target. RedState is thrilled:

Target may have misjudged the size of the audience they were choosing to make uncomfortable. The press continues to frame this as an “LGBTQ-friendly” policy or a “trans” policy, but of course nobody is checking equipment. What the policy does, in practical effect, is allow men to use the women’s bathroom at any time for any reason and without question.

This is a ridiculous policy and people know that it is ridiculous and now Target is paying the price. People aren’t standing for it. Corporations have been trained by the activist left and the pressure of celebrities to believe they must give in to progressivism or face the consequences. Now they are going to find out that vast majority of Americans have had enough and can bite back.

I dropped in at the Target in East Harlem yesterday and the place was mobbed just like it usually is.