Sarah Palin Slams “Screw-UP” ESPN For Backing Transgender Rights As Does Her Hero Donald Trump

Politico reports:

Sarah Palin sounded off on ESPN’s decision to fire Curt Schilling on Thursday, after the former All-Star pitcher and on-air personality drew a firestorm of criticism for sharing an image mocking transgender people on social media. “ESPN continues to screw up,” Palin wrote in a Facebook post, sharing a link to a Hollywood Reporter article about Schilling’s termination.

Palin’s post also included a cartoon with the title “Fundamentally Transforming America – B. Obama,” which features two panels. In the first, a University of Missouri student is depicted shedding tears and saying, “There’s a micro-aggressive white priviledged [sic] homophobe in my SAFE SPACE!” with an arrow pointing to him as the “VICTIM.” In the other, a little girl is labeled a “BIGOT” for saying, “There’s a 40-year-old man wearing a dress in the girl’s [sic] restroom.”