Ryan Anderson: Gays Wouldn’t Need Marriage If You’d Just Invite Them Over During The Holidays [VIDEO]

“The question is going to be, if we’re not in favor of same-sex marriage, what ARE we in favor of for people with same-sex attractions and how are we helping them live out their vocations? There’s a universal human desire for friendship, for companionship. We all have a need for relationships that matter. So when Thanksgiving comes around, when Christmas comes around, are you inviting a same-sex attracted colleague or friend or member of your church who isn’t married and doesn’t have a family of his or her own, are you inviting them into your family to share Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner?

“Are you having them be big brother or big sister, godfather or godmother to your children if they’re not going to be married and have children of their own? Are there ways in which we can show that there are other forms of community that matter, that are important, that are meaningful, without having to redefine marriage? This is now an opportunity for people who believe the truth about marriage to show that Justice Kennedy is wrong, that we can meet people’s real needs without redefining what marriage is.” – Ryan T. Anderson, speaking to an anti-abortion group.