OHIO: Wingnut Lawmaker Floats “Bathroom Bill”

Notorious crackpot Ohio state Rep. John Becker wants a North Carolina-style anti-trans “bathroom law” in his own state. Cincinnati.com reports:

Becker, R-Union Township, is floating a proposal that he says would protect Ohioans from sexual predators posing as transgender people to gain access to women’s bathrooms, possibly by requiring transgender people to use unisex or single-stall bathrooms.

He cited a Seattle case where a man, apparently making a point about the city’s nondiscrimination laws, undressed in a women’s locker room. The conservative American Family Association raised similar concerns while protesting Target’s transgender bathroom policy, which allows customers and employees to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity. “It sounds like it’s a concern for John. It’s not much of a concern for those who live in the real world.”

“My concern is sexual predators posing as transgender people to gain access to women’s facilities,” said Becker, who represents northwestern Clermont County. “I’m not suggesting that transgender people are sexual predators. I’m sure the vast majority are honest citizens going about their daily business.”

But LGBT advocates say Ohio already laws against sexually assaulting anyone anywhere, which would include bathrooms. Becker’s proposal would solve no problems, and only create angst for transgender people, Equality Ohio spokesman Grant Stancliff said.

You may recall that in 2014 Becker called for impeaching the federal judge who had ruled that the marriage of Jim Obergefell should be recognized on his late husband’s death certificate. And we all know how THAT worked out. (Tipped by JMG reader Debra)

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