NORTH CAROLINA: Marketing Firm May Pull Massive Charlotte Expansion Over State’s Anti-LGBT Hate Law

This one could ultimately mean thousands of lost jobs. From Charlotte’s Fox affiliate:

Red Ventures is also considering pulling out of their 500 person expansion in 2016 after HB2 was passed. “HB2 does not reflect the values of our people, our state or our democratic process. The speed with which it was passed and lack of constituent input enabled a select group of North Carolina representatives to ignore their responsibility to represent the whole state and, instead, eviscerate the civil rights of North Carolinians,” the CEO of Red Ventures, Ric Elias said. Elias said, “As a CEO who is committed to expanding our Charlotte presence by 500 people in 2016 and thousands after that, I am forced to seriously reconsider adding more jobs in a state that tolerates discrimination.

Dominoes, bitches.

(Tipped by JMG reader Ken)