Montana Democrats Invite PayPal To Set Up Shop

NBC Montana reports:

Following PayPal’s decision to cancel its expansion plans in North Carolina, Sen. Jon Tester and Gov. Steve Bullock today invited the multi-billion dollar company to open up shop in Montana.

Tester and Bullock’s letter to PayPal President and CEO Dan Schulman outlined the many reasons why Big Sky Country is best place to do business and create jobs. Highlighting the state’s top-notch business tax climate, western way of life, and talented workforce, the senator and governor encouraged the online money transfer business to seriously consider expanding into Montana.

“We were recently ranked the number one state for entrepreneurial activity for the third year in a row,” Tester and Bullock wrote. “Montana’s positive business climate fosters growth and promotes innovation. But it’s Montana’s quality of life that truly sets us apart; with safe communities, excellent schools, and unparalleled access to public lands and recreational opportunities, Montana truly is the Last Best Place.”

Drawing a stark contrast, Sen. Tester and Gov. Bullock wrote, “Knowing that our state shares your bedrock values, we encourage you to choose Montana. Doing business in our state is a low-cost venture with an unparalleled quality of life. If you decide to pursue locating operations in Montana, you will have the full support of our offices to make doing business here as easy as possible.”

Last month Bullock trolled North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory with a tweet pointing out that his state is welcoming to everybody.