MISSISSIPPI: Hospitality Group To Offer “Everyone’s Welcome Here” Signs To Eateries, Hotels, And Shops

A Mississippi hospitality group with 1400 hotels, restaurants, and shops among its members has a plan to mitigate damage to the state’s reputation. From Jackson’s ABC affiliate:

Mike Cashion, executive director of the MHRA, said “when HB 1523 was signed, Mississippi was thrust into the national spotlight. Regardless of its intent, this legislation has created a level of controversy and public perception that affects the image of our state and the hospitality community.”

The campaign is voluntary and free for members of the Hospitality and Tourism industries. According to MHRA, it will design, print and distribute door decals to restaurants or hospitality related businesses that would like to convey the message, “Everyone’s Welcome Here.” It will also create a website that will list the participating businesses.

Cashion said, “Our industry serves a diverse customer base and we want to make sure all customers are appreciated and welcomed.”