Manhattan Braces For Huge Anti-Trump Protests

All five presidential candidates are in New York City today. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will square off tonight at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in their first debate since early last month. But the real action may come late this afternoon in Manhattan, when we might see the largest anti-Trump protest since Hair Furor launched his campaign. Via Gothamist:

All three GOP candidates are scheduled to speak at the New York State Republican Gala, a black tie fundraiser at the Grand Hyatt New York that cost $1,000 per ticket. Thousands of protesters and advocacy groups—including Millions March NYC, NYC Shut It Down and Fight for $15—have been preparing for the event for weeks.

The protest is schedule to start at 5:30—peak rush hour—outside the Grand Hyatt, 109 East 42nd Street at Grand Central Terminal. There are more details on these Facebook event pages. You can also text @dumptrumpnyc to 23559 for on-the-ground updates.

“Trump’s rhetoric is an instigation to racist, anti-migrant and misogynist violence,” said KaLisa Moore of Peoples Power Assembly in a statement. “As a matter of self-defense and protection of New Yorkers, we intend to do what the city’s elected so-called leaders refuse to do-and shut down Trump from spreading his hateful message.”

For the last two days Breitbart has been breathlessly reporting on protest planning using “intel” they’ve garnered via social media.