Lying Ted Cruz Lies: I Denounced That Pastor’s Call To Execute Gays As Soon As I Heard About It [AUDIO]

As most of you surely know, last fall Ted Cruz attended a religious attended a “religious liberty” conference at which Pastor Kevin Swanson called for executing homosexuals shortly before interviewing Cruz on the same stage.

Cruz had been warned about Swanson’s track record by CNN’s Jake Tapper before the event and after three weeks of ignoring questions from the media, a spokesman for Cruz finally told the Rachel Maddow show that Swanson’s calls for genocide were “not explicit” and therefore unworthy of a response.

Which bring us Cruz’s latest lie. Via Right Wing Watch:

That is not the story that Cruz told the “John and Ken Show,” a California talk radio program, when he was asked about his attendance at the conference yesterday. Instead, Cruz claimed that he was unaware of Swanson’s views before attending and falsely asserted that he “denounced them at the time,” once he learned about them.

“He was an individual I didn’t know, I’d never met him,” Cruz said of Swanson. “I went to a conference on religious liberty because it is an issue I care very much about. After the conference, his comments were drawn to my attention and I denounced them at the time, I think they’re wrong, I totally disagree with them. I didn’t know this fellow and when I saw what he said, I came out publicly and said I disagree with what he’s saying.”

“We need to be bringing people together and we need to be standing up for the rights of every American, that’s what I’ve done in the Senate and that’s what I’ll do as president,” he added.