Linda Harvey: Satan Loves GLSEN’s Perverted Marxist Spiritually-Molesting Anti-Bullying Day Of Silence

“The ‘Day of Silence’ is a stunning example of the widespread indoctrination of youth culture with trashy, deviant behavior masquerading as acceptable conduct. The GLSEN-sponsored pro-homosexual event is a well-developed exercise in cultural Marxism and, I have come to believe, a tragic symbol of the rapid demise of America. And ironically, it poses as a protest of ‘bullying.’ Satan is laughing as he messes with the minds and bodies of our dear children. This event is a blatant exercise in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual molestation as our children become apologists for sodomy and gender confusion.” – Hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for World Net Daily.

This year’s Day Of Silence in April 15th and a national coalition of anti-LGBT groups are planning their annual walkout of public schools.