IOWA: Liberal Group Launches “Quit Stalling On SCOTUS” Ads Against Sen. Chuck Grassley [VIDEO]

From the Agenda Project:

Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund released a new ad calling on Senator Chuck Grassley to “Quit Stalling” and hold a hearing on President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.

“Republicans like Senator Grassley have again and again demonstrated just how highly they view the American public,” said Agenda Project Action Fund President Erik Altieri, “Stop defecating on the responsibilities of your office Senator, it is time to start doing the people’s business instead of your own.”

The new ad is set to air in Iowa beginning on Wednesday.

While Sen. Dick Durbin has said publicly that the Democrats would work through the process in a “dignified and respectful way,” the Agenda Project Action Fund has placed no such constraints on itself. Conveniently, the AP Action Fund is not run by establishment Democrats, but rather by actual Americans who are really sick of these Republicans who hate the government and then insist on being part of running it.

So, the Agenda Project Action Fund has decided to be exactly as dignified and respectful to Republicans as Republicans have been to American people.