Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal: I’ve Seen The Backlash And I’ll Veto Anti-LGBT Bills Again If Haters Try Again

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Gov. Nathan Deal said the uproar in North Carolina and Mississippi over new laws that critics say curb gay rights should give supporters of the “religious liberty” measure in Georgia second thoughts, and warned that he’s willing to pull out the veto pen again next year if similar legislation lands on his desk.

In his first interview since his veto two weeks ago of House Bill 757, Deal said Tuesday he’s concerned religious conservatives who plan to revive the measure next year will put Georgia through another contentious debate.

“I don’t want to go through the same process all over again. I’ve made my position very clear. I tried to write a very thoughtful veto message,” he said. “It expressed my concerns and it expressed my reasons for vetoing it. And those reasons won’t change in my mind.”

Deal nixed the measure on March 28 amid a wave of criticism from business behemoths and gay rights groups who threatened to boycott the state if it became law. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and other supporters said the legislation would safeguard faith-based activities and vowed to bring it back next year. Critics, who argue that measure amounts to legalized discrimination, are hunkering down for a new fight.

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