Feds Release Records On Hundreds Of Religious Schools Allowed To Discriminate Against LGBT Students

Dominic Holden reports at Buzzfeed:

The Department of Education on Friday published thousands of pages of documents on religious schools applying for, and receiving, permission to discriminate against LGBT people and women — even though the schools continue to receive federal education funds.

Dorie Nolt, a spokesperson for the department, told BuzzFeed News, “Due to exceptional public demand for more information on this topic, we are posting documents related to this on our website to provide transparency around this issue.”

The records are available on a department webpage that includes records from 232 religious schools, including their applications to be exempt from civil rights laws banning sex-based discrimination in school, and letters from federal officials granting those requests. It also includes records from another 31 schools with pending requests. It appears no request has ever been denied.

The records were make public after a request from eight Senators who are seeking transparency on school funding. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) tells Buzzfeed, “The Department of Education is helping students and parents get all the facts before they decide where to invest their higher education dollars.”

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