Ex-Gay Nutjob Christopher Doyle: Out Of Control LGBT Activists Want To Traumatize Kids In Bathrooms

“The LGBT lobby is like a kid in a candy store with unlimited credit. The kid is high on sugar and bouncing off the walls while demanding more, all the while disturbing the other customers. The North Carolina Legislature and Governor are the brave candy store owners by saying no, and now the kid is out of control and will stop at nothing to get his way. The LGBT lobby bullies. They lie. They use intimidation tactics. They name-call. I have seen all of this in our #TherapyEquality movement to protect the rights of licensed therapy for sexually/gender confused and abused children.

“We live in the most compassionate, tolerant country in the world. We have compassion for minorities and accommodate them because it’s the right thing to do. We value human dignity and believe that everyone deserves respect, safety, and a fair chance. But the LGBT lobby is out of control and acting irresponsibly. They are willing to traumatize children in bathroom and locker rooms, while at the same time, promote a lifetime of chemical dependency for gender-confused kids. This is not love. This is not equality. Love has boundaries. Love has limits.” – Ex-gay nutjob Christopher Doyle, writing for the Christian Post.