Dr. Stabby: Harriet Tubman Would Turn Over In Her Grave Over Being Made The Face Of Debt Slavery

“Harriet Tubman would likely be turning over in her grave if she knew she would be the new face of American debt slavery. She would revile the cheap trick being pulled on African Americans in getting them to support this nearly bankrupt symbol of American debt. It is amazing how, just as the currency dwindles down to near worthlessness – all of a sudden the Government wants to invoke Harriet Tubman as a symbol on the twenty dollar bill.

“Constant deficit spending has reduced the value of the dollar by almost fifty percent over the last twenty years, and promises to go even lower over the next decade. In fact, by reducing the average interest rates paid on the U.S. dollar, the Federal Reserve has in essence engaged in the most massive coin-shaving operation in world history. In most major American cities, an average family needs more than twice the average wage to live reasonably. This is nothing short of slavery by a new name, decreased purchasing power.

“The cynical pandering to race, and the exploitation of a real American hero in order to mask the highway robbery being enacted by the Fed and the U.S. Government is nothing short of a disgrace. It is one thing if they want to rob the American people blind, but quite another to do it in the name of a true freedom fighter.

“Before selling out the sacred legacy of a revered American freedom fighter, we should stop and consider whether what we are getting in return is really worth it. Some things are just not for sale. And that includes the hard-won legacy of one of America’s greatest heroes. Let us not disgrace Harriet Tubman by symbolically linking her with a nearly bankrupt instrument of slavery and debt.” – Ben Carson, writing for the Independent Journal.