Democrats Launch HB2 Repeal Website

Via press release:

The North Carolina Democratic Party today launched a website to highlight how Gov. Pat McCrory’s job-killing discrimination law, HB2, is hurting North Carolina’s economy. The site lists the more than 400 businesses and organizations that oppose HB2 and spotlights the many good-paying jobs put at risk by this bill.

“Governor McCrory’s decision is costing our state good-paying new jobs – it’s as simple as that. More than 400 employers have expressed opposition to HB2 and North Carolina’s economy has already lost tens of millions of dollars thanks to Governor McCrory,” said Kimberly Reynolds, Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party. “In November, middle-class families are going to ask which candidate for governor is really going to bring good jobs home to North Carolina. We’re committed to making sure every family in the state knows that Pat McCrory put political wedge issues ahead of their paychecks.”

In addition to the more than 400 businesses and organizations who have denounced HB2, North Carolina has lost hundreds of jobs from companies such as PayPal and Deustche Bank who are now looking elsewhere for expansion. The state has also lost more than a dozen festivals and conventions, costing the hospitality industry millions of dollars in revenue. The Center for American Progress recently reported that HB2 could cost North Carolina more than half a billion dollars in economic activity, and that number is expected to rise as more companies look to do business elsewhere.

Companies, organizations, convention groups and performance artists have reacted so negatively to HB2 because it legalized discrimination in North Carolina, removing rights for LGBT people and making it impossible for anyone to bring discrimination charges against an employer in state court on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or disability.

NCDP’s new website also encourages people to take action and sign a petition calling for the repeal of HB2. In light of the bill’s sizable and ongoing damage to North Carolina’s economy and reputation, employers, political leaders and local chambers of commerce have called on Gov. McCrory to repeal HB2 during the upcoming legislative session beginning April 25th.

See the website.