CALIFORNIA: American Family Association Runs Full-Page Ad In PayPal’s Hometown Newspaper

From the American Family Association:

North Carolina isn’t the first state that has experienced corporate bullying by companies like PayPal. Indiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi and many others have all experienced corporate bullying in the last year or so. When states attempt to protect religious liberty via legislation, Fortune 500 companies threaten and bully states into submission. Sadly, these companies blindly take their marching orders from the homosexual activist groups like Human Rights Commission. As a way to fight back against corporate bullying, specifically by PayPal, AFA ran a full page ad in PayPal’s hometown newspaper in San Jose, CA. This ad was published Sunday, April 24.

What most people don’t know is, PayPal built a global operations center in Malaysia where homosexuals are publicly whipped and jailed. Ironically, PayPal is boycotting North Carolina for enacting a common sense and simple law requiring people to use a restroom consistent with their biological gender. As corporations continue to bully states across America, we will continue to expose their hypocrisy and combat their secular agenda. In order to do this, we need your help. For a small gift of $15 you can help sponsor this ad. If we find enough sponsors then we will run more ads combating other corporate bullies in their hometowns.

Like Gov. Pat McCrory, the AFA has a problem with the name of the Human Rights Campaign.file-page1