Bernie Sanders Drops Lawsuit Against DNC

The Sanders campaign yesterday dropped its lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee for restricting access to voter files. The Hill reports:

The Sanders team said the investigation vindicated them and showed no evidence that they improperly accessed information belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“An independent investigation of the firewall failures in the DNC’s shared voter file database has definitively confirmed that the original claims by the DNC and the Clinton campaign were wholly inaccurate,” the campaign said in a statement.

“The Sanders campaign never ‘stole’ any voter file data; the Sanders campaign never ‘exported’ any unauthorized voter file data; and the Sanders campaign certainly never had access to the Clinton campaign’s ‘strategic road map.’

The withdrawal of the lawsuits ends a months-long fight between Sanders and the Democratic party.

In December, the DNC alleged that Sanders staffers had improperly accessed Clinton’s campaign information. A Sanders aide at the time denied wrongdoing, saying they had only tried to document the security error to alert the DNC. That initial finding prompted the party to briefly block the Sanders campaign’s access to party files and data.