ALABAMA: Lawmakers Vow To Impeach Gov. Robert “Sanctity Of Marriage” Bentley Unless He Resigns

Politico reports:

State lawmakers in Alabama said they had begun the impeachment process for the state’s governor on Tuesday. Rep. Ed Henry, a Republican, announced during a news conference at the statehouse in Montgomery that a bipartisan group would follow through and move to impeach the governor unless Gov. Robert Bentley resigns on his own.

“We will start this process. We will introduce these articles of impeachment. We will begin to investigate [the governor] ourselves,” Henry said. Henry noted that Bentley has repeatedly said how much he loves the people of Alabama — but if that’s true, he should resign, he said.

“If he does, it’s time to let them go, it’s time to put aside his selfishness,” he said. “He’ll relieve us of this pressure and burden … if not … we will move to impeach him.” Henry said there were multiple reasons to call for Bentley’s impeachment, including “incompetence.”

Last month audio tapes surfaced in which Bentley made x-rated sexytalk with a 30-years-younger staffer who is totally not married to him in the name of White Jesus.

According to divorce papers filed last year by his now-former wife of 50 years, Bentley had been carrying on an affair with the staffer. At the same time of the alleged affair, Bentley was filing a SCOTUS brief in opposition to same-sex marriage.