PETITION: Activists Demand That Major Corporations Revoke Sponsorship Of GOP Convention

From the petition posted by MoveOn:

Donald Trump has repeatedly belittled Latinos, Muslims, Black people, women and people with disabilities with his hate speech, misogyny, Islamophobia, and racism. This has greatly inflamed a national atmosphere already hostile to these groups and is inspiring a dramatic rise in harassment and violent attacks against these groups.

Now companies like Google, AT&T, Coca Cola, Cisco, Xerox, and Adobe Systems are planning to bankroll the Donald Trump-led Republican National Convention.

But reports are showing that many of these companies are growing increasingly concerned about attaching their brand to anything involving Trump and his divisive rhetoric. With a public push from us, we can convince these companies to dump their sponsorships. And if these companies cancel their RNC sponsorships it could put enough financial pressure on the Republican Party and the RNC to bar Trump from the convention!

The above image from a similar Color Of Change petition has already spawned a Snopes entry.